Registered Professional Land Surveyors

Dana Markus-Wolf
Juan Canales
Scott Garanflo

Landmark Surveying, LP - Registered Professional Land Surveyors, have extensive background experience. Our collective expertise includes project management for: boundary and title surveys (TSPS, TBPLS, and ALTA); water/wastewater transmission mains, electric and utility transmission and pipelines; conventional, GPS static and RTK control (using Virtual Control Network); parkland; right-of-ways (road, highway, railroad); construction; engineering and architectural design; elevation certificates; route; subdivision/condominium; field notes and sketches (COA, ACWP, LCRA, ALTA, TSPS standards), easement acquisitions; topographic and tree surveys, investigative and environmental surveying; water treatment plant design; hydro-geological investigations; transportation; horizontal and vertical controls for aerial mapping; soil borings, wind sheer staking; as-builts, subsurface utility locations, street reconstruction and quality control, for the commercial, public and private sectors throughout Texas and beyond.


Landmark Surveying, LP • 2205 E. 5th St. • Austin, TX 78702 • Phone: 512-328-7411 • Fax: 512-328-7413
Firm Reg. No.: 100727-00

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